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Best Page Turner for Sheet Music (2020)

We are bringing you a selection of the best Bluetooth page-turners for sheet music, and giving you important insight into the world of modern, assisted musicianship.

No more troubles with printed sheets, no need for clunky pedestals and hired personnel – with the help of your iPad or an android tablet, and a handy Bluetooth foot pedal, you can quickly and easily change the pages and smoothly continue playing your favorite music piece.

Below we list our top 5 Bluetooth page-turners.



1# STOMP Bluetooth 4.0 Page Turner


Coda Music Technologies established itself as one of the leading designers in the field of music gadgets. And with the appearance of their STOMP page-turner, they have really proven their knack for unique designs and bright, efficient ideas.

This is a robust, durable, and somewhat heavy-duty pedal, which incorporates several much-needed solutions for the first time.

The design of STOMP is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. The main face is characterized by the two sturdy steel footswitches, which allow you to flip the pages left and right with the simplest movement of your foot. Besides this basic function, they can be programmed to offer different commands, such as scrolling up and down or being customized with other apps. Moreover, they are totally silent! No more audible “clicks” in the middle of your playing.

The Bluetooth range on the stomp is longer, at 50+ feet than most of the other models we tested. Whilst most of us won’t need anywhere near this length, it does mean it outputs a very strong Bluetooth signal even at short range.

For the first time, CODA offers its users more functions with a couple of added buttons. There is the repeat switch to help with quickly going through your playlist. There is also the option of four different modes of operation, each one allowing you to use 100’s of apps that can completely re-invent your music playing experience.

STOMP also comes with an optional 9 VDC 1700 mA battery, which can be used to power your page-turner for up to a staggering 150 hours. This pedal is extremely durable, being built from a solid metal case – making it perfect for musicians that are performing often.

With the added durability and functionality this is why it gets our vote of the best page-turner for sheet music above all the other page-turners we reviewed.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and revolutionary page-turner, STOMP is definitely the way to go. Playing sheet music was never easier!


2# Donner Bluetooth Page Turner


With their latest design, Donner opted for a tried and tested design, featuring the two separate pedals connected on a main “body”. This design is the one we all know very well, reminiscent of the classic guitar pedal technology. But the Donner company made certain to offer their users a durable, advanced gadget with plenty of elements to offer. This page-turner has a 30+ foot wireless range and has a simple, balanced design that is so simple to use.

The main pedals are evenly spaced out allowing easy foot movements, and they can be programmed to turn pages left and right, to scroll pages up and down, or act as mouse keys. All of these commands can be given with a set of buttons on the main panel, with the inclusion of a repeat function. Moreover, Donner works with a variety of apps and tablets, including the Apple iOS, Android, Music Reader, a PC, MAC, song, For the score, and many other apps. This variety certainly makes it a versatile turner pedal.

It boasts 50+ hours of battery life with a single charge, which in itself is quite impressive. But even so, this product still leaves a few wrinkles to be ironed out. There is a clear lack of strong, metal elements, with most of the body being plastic. Considering it is foot-operated, this can shorten its service life. On the other hand, the Donner wireless page-turner is a lightweight, easy to operate, and efficient item, which musicians will certainly know to appreciate. A good and affordable choice!

It has a good battery life and is affordable for the fuctionality you get with this page turner.


3# PageFlip Firefly


The first thing that immediately comes to attention with this next device is the extremely unique design. PageFlip Firefly successfully combines natural elements and an efficient, streamlined design that will offer maximum simplicity and fantastic features. Although plastic, the Firefly is incredibly tough and durable, with key strengthening throughout. The design is that of the usual foot pedal technology but done in such a unique way. Simple, textured footswitches offer seamless and completely silent switching through your pages and can emulate different basic functions as well.

One interesting addition to the PageFlip Firefly design is the use of LEDs. In a performance setting, a stage can often become darkened, and with these smart little lights, you will have no trouble spotting the device down by your feet, even in the dark. The device is completely hands-free and operates on two AA batteries.

PageFlip Firefly is a natural evolution of the preceding “Cicada” model and successfully remedies all the past issues. The construction is quite heavy duty this time, while the unit is designed to be compatible with all instruments and any app. It also comes with a USB port, with which you can easily connect to your devices and access your sheet music.

The PageFlip Firefly has a good ergonomic design which is nice for seated performances and a good balance between price and quality.


4# AirTurn DUO


With its simplistic design, and old-school elements, AirTurn DUO might not seem as one of the leading items on the market, but looks can be deceiving. This page-turner has some of the best aspects on the market and hides a lot of good details. The design is simple – two parallel foot pedals connected via the main panel. The design is full of straight, precise lines, and the pedals themselves have a nifty textured pattern to maximize grip.

AirTurn DUO prides itself on two key features. The pedals are totally silent and unobtrusive, and the wireless Bluetooth range is 150+ feet – easily the best in the market. Battery life is equally good, with up to 150 to 200 hours of use with a single charge. It has a helpful command panel that allows you to customize the commands and choose from 7 different modes. It also comes with a free AirTurn Manager app – another part of the great customer service.

All in all, the AirTurn DUO offers some great features on the market and does its role with great efficiency.

The Airturn Due has a good Bluetooth range and battery life. It is also nice and compact to move around from gig to gig.


5# IK Multimedia Tablet Page Turner


iRig wireless page turner is one of the smallest sheet music page turners on the market. What is clear from the get go is the simplistic, minimal design, and a very small size. This is designed to work with the IK multimedia app, and works well with your iPad, tablet, android and Mac.

There are two large rubberized buttons, with which you simply turn the pages left and right. These can be programmed not only for sheet music but also for presentations and similar performances that require a hands-free approach. It’s worth looking out for deals which include the iKlip – an advanced tablet holder with a modern design. The one main point to note is that dependent on the surface it can tend to slip around a little, this can be easily solved with some additional rubber feet.

While the price tag of the iRig might be a bit hefty, and the support services might be better, it is still a good simple page-turner for musicians. It has a Bluetooth USB and amplifier output and can function well in a variety of roles.

The IK Multimedia lacks a little in functionality compared to some of the other page turners we have reviewed but is ideal for those that want a cheaper option and don’t mind losing some functionality.



Why Use Page Turners?

If you’re a musician, you certainly know that sheet music – in its traditional form – can be quite a hassle to operate. In order to remove unnecessary issues, and totally simplify your musical experience, a Bluetooth wireless page-turner can come in as a lifesaver. With a long battery life or easily replaceable batteries, these powerful gadgets are the latest touch of the modern – incorporated with the traditional.

Musicians will know – investing in a reliable gadget like this is a smart move. It doesn’t just simplify things – it allows you to focus on your skills. And with music, that is the most important thing! Hopefully, we have made your life a little easier by showing you the best Bluetooth pager turners on the market for sheet music.