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The Top Ukulele Tuners Currently on The Market

When it comes to choosing the best ukulele tuner, there are many important considerations to remember.

The types of devices you might need, as well as your budget level, the tuning method you’re used to and your skill level will all be contributing factors in determining which type of ukulele tuner you should opt for.

Best Ukulele Tuners 

Clip on tuners have a great advantage over other types of tuners, since they can eliminate the noise and hassle associated with tuning an instrument. That often translates into higher accuracy and faster results, even in extreme cases, when you can barely hear your uke over the surrounding noise but they are not the only ukulele tuner available, as you will find out below.

Different Ukulele Tuning Devices

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the type of device you need. As technology continues to evolve, and newer, more ingenious devices appear on the market on a constant basis, you will definitely have to keep up with the leading edge. The following are considered the three most essential types of tuners that experts would recommend in this day and age.


Clip on Tuner

Clip on tuners are designed to clip on to your instrument and help you tune your ukulele at short notice, even in a noisy environment, or while other musicians are also tuning their instruments.

A Clip on tuner feature a unique design with a vibration sensor that transmits the instrument’s vibrations to the circuitry responsible for facilitating the tuning process, you will often see this type of tuner refereed to as a chromatic tuner. One of the main benefits of these tuners, apart from being easy to use, is that they don’t use a microphone, so they are completely immune to background noise.



Microphone based digital tuner devices are available as a portable and more universal alternative to a clip on tuner. They can often be used on a variety of instruments, and some also include additional electronics such as a tone generator or a metronome. The basic principle that these tuners are based on is the detection of sound through a built-in microphone and display the note along with any necessary information for making the right tuning adjustments.



Tuner apps make use of advancements in mobile application technology to bring you the easiest ukulele tuner experience through convenient Android and iOS apps. The apps can be used with a number of different tuning methods, and you can adapt their settings to your specific preferences. Also, many available apps can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Best Click on Ukulele Tuners 

Bellow you can see our detailed review of each of the models featured in our product table. 

Snark SN6 Clip On Ukulele Tuner

The Snark SN6 features a bright full colour display that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, making it easy to read from any angle. The Snark SN6 also has the flexibility to be able to be used on the back or the front of the head stock. We found the SN6 to be sharp and responsive to every string vibration.

Snark are always working on bringing out newer version of their much loved, easy to read ukulele tuners and whilst I would always opt for the latest version it is not worth upgrading if you have the snark sn-5. They both have a tap tempo metronome and auto features, most of the changes as far as we can see appear to be cosmetic.

The Snark sn-6 wins our vote for the best ukulele tuner, it is easy to use responsive and ever reliable.

Snark SN-5 Tuner 

Snark’s SN-5 tuner chromatic tuner is a cutting edge device you can attach to a guitar or a ukulele for excellent tuning results. The sleek, easy to read tachometer-style display and the remarkable accuracy of the tuner are among its main advantages.

Once you tune the strings, there is no change along the fingerboard, and the pitch is correct regardless of which note you try. Also, unlike most tuners, the Snark is incredibly sensitive, registering vibrations even if you just lightly touch the ukulele strings. 

The battery life is also really good, with some of my friends having used it for over a year without needing a battery change. Like most clip-on tuners it can also be used to tune other string based instruments.

KLIQ UberTuner

A fast, reliable, accurate chromatic tuner with bright, easy to see display, the KLIQ UberTuner is a state-of-the-art device on the leading edge of clip-on tuners. The technology is designed to be extremely easy to use. All you have to do is clip it on your uke, and you’re ready to go.

Its strong and durable construction is also one of the main benefits displayed by the KLIQ tuner.  The bright vibrant colours make it easy to read even in the most dimly lit venue.  The UberTuner is the best and one of the most accurate and efficient clip on tuners currently on the market.

Best Microphone Tuner

When it comes to microphone Ukuele tuners, you have to be quite careful in determining which devices are best and which of them has most to offer for the money. The following device is what we deem to be the best model on the entire market.

KLIQ MetroPitch

The KLIQ MetroPitch is a 3-in-1 device incorporating not only a versatile digital microphone tuner, but a broad-range tap tempo metronome and a versatile tone generator. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it features a smart design and features an easy to read digital screen and an intuitive JOG dialer for convenient tempo adjustments. The tuner itself is highly accurate, and displays notes ranging between A0 and C8, while also allowing for several tuning modes and advanced pitch calibrations that are ideal for tuning ukuleles.

Best Ukulele Tuning Apps

If you’re looking for tuner apps, versatility and ease of use are the main benefits you should look for. The following app is considered to be one of the best for ukuleles specifically.

Easy Ukulele

The Easy Ukulele app for Android is a tuner app designed especially with ukes in mind. The app is highly popular, with thousands of 5-star reviews, and it’s designed to offer a simple alternative to tuning your ukulele with the help of elaborate electronic devices.

Part of a series of tuner apps that use advanced probability theory and Fourier Transforms, this specific app was designed with ukuleles in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you can figure out how to use it within seconds, and get all your strings tuned just right in record time.

How to Tune A Ukulele

Aside from having a good tuner, it’s also important to know how to tune your ukulele properly. With a well-tuned uke, you’ll not only sound better, but you will also get a better sense of each note, improving your musical skills as a whole. Most ukes are tuned in the standard ukulele tuning. Tenor, concert and soprano ukes are all tuned using this method, also referred to as C tuning. To use C tuning, you have to tune the top string of your ukulele to a G, then move to the third string to tune it to a C. The second string has to be tuned to an E, and finally, the first string completes the set with a clear A note.

Aside from using a tuner, an alternative method to tuning your uke is to use the opening line of the song My Dog Has Fleas. That is because the line has the identical notes you will need for standard tuning.

There are several other types of tuning you can also consider, including the baritone ukulele tuning (D, G, B, E) and the slack-key tuning method (G, C, E, G).

As you progress from beginner to intermediate level, you’ll find much greater variety when it comes to tuning, and you will discover methods like the English and Canadian tuning, as well as learning the basics of how tuning is influenced by the material, level of quality, thickness and length of your strings.


A ukulele tuner is an inexpensive, easy to use and an essential device for anyone who loves to play this string instrument. The only real decision is what type of ukulele tuner suits you best.

The Snark SN-6 clip on tuner is the best tuner we tested, we was able to tuner our ukulele very accurately and it is so easy to use. If you are little tight on your budget then an app tuner is a an alternative but background noise can be an issue.