Ukulele Cost – How Much Should you Spend

You always wanted to buy yourself a ukulele, but now that you finally have a chance, you don’t know where exactly to start. Which one to choose, and more importantly, what price range to expect? Well we are here to help you, and guide you step by step through the different choices on the market today. The … Read more

The Top Ukulele Tuners Currently on The Market

Uka Tune

When it comes to choosing the best ukulele tuner, there are many important considerations to remember. The types of devices you might need, as well as your budget level, the tuning method you’re used to and your skill level will all be contributing factors in determining which type of ukulele tuner you should opt for. Best … Read more

Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele Review

Makala MK-S Ukulele

Is the Makala MK-S, a relatively inexpensive ukulele any good? We have put it to the test to find out. Whilst generally the Makala MK-S  we reviewed was a solid Ukulele, we have highlighted a later model which could be worth the extra investment if you have the budget. We discuss more this later, but for now, let’s … Read more

Our Top 4 Travel Ukuleles Ideal for Backpacking Vacations

Backpacking Uka

Traveling with a ukulele can be problematic if you don’t select the correct one. While most ukes are built to last, some are fragile despite their expensive price tag. Others are also large and bulky so it’s not hard to see how they could be damaged during your travels. What should you do about it? The … Read more

Best Ukulele for Kids 2020 – Complete Guide

Uka For Children

Depending on the age of your children, whether or not they are serious about learning to play the ukulele long term, or whether they would prefer to use a ukulele simply as a toy, there are many options for buying the correct type, size, cost and brand of a ukulele. Below we will take a … Read more

Best Tenor Ukulele Available for Your Budget

Tenor ukulele

Before trying to look for the “best” type of ukulele on the market, it’s important to note that there’s really no such thing. Tenor ukes give you some intriguing advantages, but they’re not necessarily better or worse than the other types, and choosing them is usually a matter of preference. That being said, there’s a lot … Read more

The Best Cordoba Ukuleles Reviewed (2020)

Cordoba Uka

 Cordoba is one of the few brands responsible for the manufacturing of high quality stringed instruments that has won global appeal from musicians, amateur music lovers and music experts alike. While their classical nylon-stringed guitars are recognized worldwide, Cordoba ukuleles are rapidly gaining an equal level of recognition and popularity. The best Cordoba ukuleles are stylish, easy … Read more